Equipping students and faculty alike with Internet services, CEG houses specialized computing centre to satisfy all the computational and technological requirements. With high end computing nodes and other advanced laboratories, the computing centres provides enhanced facilities to the students. In addition to this, is a knowledge data centre, aims to promote excellence in teaching, research and governance by providing software and technology resources.

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The CEG Library provides students with access to a vast collection of books and journals, in the order of over 1.5 lakh, and digital learning services. The library also offers access to a range of exclusive e-books and e-journals, which can be accessed in the library through the Digital Knowledge Centre.Besides the central library, the various academic departments have their own libraries that expand the availability of department-specific books available to their students.

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Health Centre

With experienced doctors and staff on call, aided by modern lab equipments, CEG's Health Centre is equipped to handle the medical needs of the students. Consultation is free for all the students and employees. Additionally, an ambulance service is available to attend to emergencies. The health centre is also responsible for conducting comprehensive health checks for the benefit of the students of CEG.

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Student Facilities and Services