Institutional and Responsibility Programs

Social responsibility is one of the mainstays that support our academic and research work at CEG, and it is also one of our strategic priorities, as we believe that our role as an engineering institution involves something more than simply the imparting of knowledge and skills to our students and, as active agents of social change, we aim to address and find solutions to social problems. This responsibility implies taking on the role of leader in the creation of a culture of social responsibility in society through our own example and action, and we are committed to defending the ideals, responsibilities and objectives of a socially responsible academic institution.


National Service Scheme (NSS), aims to inculcate in students a sense of service to society by adhering to the aims and objectives formulated by the Ministry of Youth Affairs. With this purpose in mind, NSS volunteers conduct a variety of activities, such as orphanage visits, awareness programs and health camps. In addition, the NSS holds annual camps in a rural location, where students assist the residents in the development of their village.

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The CEG chapter of the Youth Red Cross (YRC), is involved in community service with a specific focus on health issues. YRC volunteers conduct health camps and provide medical services to disadvantaged sections of society. The YRC also holds annual camps in locations that would benefit by the medical and health services offered by them.

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The National Cadet Corps (NCC) cell of CEG functions with two divisions: NCC Army and NCC Navy. The members of the NCC are instilled with a sense of discipline and patriotism through the organization's activities, which include drills, parades, weapons training and lectures. NCC camps are held annually in remote locales to augment the students' training.